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Real Estate 2022
(Needle in a Haystack)

Closing out 2021, home for-sale listing inventory fell 18% to the lowest level since the statistic was first tracked more than two decades ago. While real estate indexes generally showed home values slowing at the end of last year, it was still at elevated levels. Values jumped by almost 1% the last month of 2021, the largest single-month growth on record for a December. Virtually all real estate predictions for 2022 are similar. The continued sparse number of homes for sale continues along with a rise in prices, although at a slower rate of increase.

Don't give up. People continue to buy and sell homes every day. But the details of each sale are more complex than ever due to issues of health, economics, migration, work‑at‑home and the impact of a rapidly growing population of millennials. Whatever your own unique mix of circumstances, you can benefit from expert guidance. As real estate professionals with decades of experience, we have helped home buyers and sellers through all types of market swings. We know how to help you craft the very best real estate strategy for your unique situation.

Are you considering buying or selling a home across Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Mercer, Burlington or Phialdelphia? More than ever, you need expert, professional representation. Before you consider purchasing a home or list your home for sale, call The John McClintock Team at 267‑759‑9518 for no obligation recommendations on dealing with bids, realistic prices and precise timing.

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