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New Home Construction Update

While the price builders pay for lumber has begun to retreat, slightly, the run-up in sale prices (largely due to material increases across the board) appears to have some builder's scaling back on their activities to some degree. If you have have your heart set on a brand new home but have been waiting, you might want to rethink your strategy and let us help you see what's out there, what's coming soon, and how we can help maximize your new home buying experience. Call us at 267‑759‑9518. Don't wait. Well-informed is well-prepared, especially with decisions of this magnitude.

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Are you active in the market looking for a Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware or Mercer County home to buy or sell? More than ever, you need expert, professional representation. Before you list your home for sale, call The John McClintock Team at 267‑759‑9518 for no obligation recommendations on dealing with bids, realistic prices and precise timing.

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